Generations Deep

Dodgshun Medlin had its origins in the Victorian town of Swan Hill in 1957 as Eric L Green – a small accounting practice serving a fair portion of surrounding country. At that point, Ian Dodgshun was still a child.

Fast forward to the early 1970s. Like many young men of the era, Ian set off for Melbourne to further his education and earn his stripes among the professional services set of Collins Street. A country person at heart, he returned home frequently and soon formed the opinion that rural communities were being short-changed in terms of the range and sophistication of services available to them locally. His ambition became to develop a regionally-focused business with CBD-clout.

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It's about thinking in worlds

Our Values

Lots of companies have formal statements of their Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values. In many cases, these amount to pretty words framed on a boardroom wall and bear little resemblance to their real–world operations.

May we assure you that our own set of statements are the ways we conduct ourselves, measure our success and grow as individuals and as a business.

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The World We Share

Many large organisations give quite hefty donations to some of the bigger charities and this is to be applauded. Many much smaller businesses might support a local sporting team or donate goods and services as prizes for worthy raffles. This is also valuable in that many hands make light work.

Part of the Vision of our business is an absolute commitment to a culture of care – and we give back to our communities. But we look for a balance.

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