Business Improvement

Dodgshun Medlin provides CBD-grade professional services in all aspects of business development ranging from administrative functions through to far–sighted strategic planning. What’s different – and enormously effective – is that all the specialists working on your business do so on the one page, so that accurate information, insight from various points of view and overall planning are integrated and optimised – streamlined from the ground up.


We take care of all the little things


Integration delivers better results

Of course every business is different and so the composition of our teams varies, enterprise by enterprise – manufacturing, retail, services – and almost certainly will change over time as enterprises develop and priorities shift.

A classic case illustrating the individuality of every business is that of two separate jewellery clients of ours – sited in the same town in the same street – whose strategies and requirements are markedly different:

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Starting from scratch


A big picture view

Not only are Kennedy’s and Cameron’s two very different businesses, they’re the products of very different personalities, priorities and goals. This is why we’re not thinking in categories – like jewellery, finance, accountancy, tax and wealth – but rather, thinking in worlds.

For more on the power of integration, and how we seamlessly and sensitively absorb relevant information from your stable of existing advisors, see The Way We Work.