Land Business Life

Ask those who know Dodgshun Medlin what we do and you might get different answers. Some see us as determinedly independent farm improvers. Some know us as chartered accountants, tax advisors and business development specialists. Others say we grow and protect wealth, source finance, manage risk, negotiate insurance, or plan the futures of families.

We do all those things and more. But the underpinning strength isn't in the individual components. It is in a co-ordinated whole.

Whatever your circumstances, ambitions and hesitations, having your entire world on one page under our roof empowers you to look to the future of your enterprise, life and legacy with foresight, clarity and confidence.

Land. Business. Life. They're inseparable and we're on your side – always.

Our Footprint

Dodgshun Medlin guides the rural enterprise and personal wealth strategies of farming, industry and commerce throughout a broad sweep of regional Australia. We provide generations-deep understanding of needs, challenges, ambitions and opportunities in our communities.

Dodghun Medlin in Australia